Sunset Cliffs
Sold: $55,000

The Sunset Cliffs is a super white 2018 RAM Promaster 2500 High Roof 136” wheelbase model, is custom designed and constructed by a team of professionals that offers an incredible amount of smart space and the functionality, reliability and flexibility to add great products such as a goal zero lithium battery, low consumption fridge or yeti coolers.

It is fully insulated with four layers of material (Reflectix, organic sheep wool, 1/4” Plywood and outdoor Sunbrella tapestry all weatherproof), which also helps reduce noise and are adaptable to extreme cold and hot temperatures. The floor and ceiling are made of Alder Wood.

The Camper Van is functional and fun. It can carry all your adventure gadgets such as (cameras, computers, bikes, hiking equipment, drone, lounging chairs, clothes, books, surfboards, bicycles, etc.) and has space for your cooking utensils.

The interior of the Camper Van was purposely designed with the goal of providing a zen environment and the custom handmade cabinetry is oak.

The interior layout consists of the following and much more:

  • Kitchen countertop with sink and can propane stove.
  • Space for 7 gallons of clean water and 7 gallons of wastewater.
  • Automatic pump water system.
  • 2 overhead cabinetry with 5 storage dividers combined.
  • Push handles for safety locks when in movement.
  • Space for a Goal Zero 1000 lithium or less (has a direct plug to two 100 watts renogy solar panels).
  • Storage for two air travel size backpacks underneath the bed.
  • Hidden compartment for valuable belongings.
  • Retractable back storage compartment for easy access.
  • 3 back bins for additional gear storage.
  • Passenger swivel seats.

Additional added features are:

  • Two 100 watts renogy solar panels.
  • Dometic automatic fantastic vent.
  • 400 Yeti portable battery.